Glowing Safety Vest

Glowing Safety Vest
Product Details

1.Reflective vest introduction

The main body of the reflective vest is made of mesh cloth or plain cloth. The reflective material is reflective lattice or high-brightness reflective fabric; the main types include polyester reflective vest, polyester fluorescent reflective vest, polyester reflective vest, polyester pvc reflective vest, polyester Knitted reflective vests, polyester woven vests, Polyester fluorescent mesh lattice vests, Polyester fluorescent mesh highlight vests, Polyester fluorescent mesh highlight police vest, Polyester fluorescent bird eye vest. SV-020 Material: 100% polyester 80g/m2 mesh, high visibility yellow PVC reflective tape, 5cm width Color: Fluorescent Orange Closed: Velcro Size:It is mainly used by police, road traffic personnel, traffic controllers, highway maintenance personnel, motorcyclists, bicycle drivers, dark-light workers, and other local workers who need to use light warnings.

2.Products Specification:


Material: 100% polyester 80g/m² mesh

with high visibility yellow PVC reflective tape 5cm width
Color:Fluorescent orange
Size: custom-made
Whether you are working in a parking lot or on a major highway, make yourself seen with one of these safety vests! Jinyang Industrial carries a wide assortment of safety vests. We've also got your choice of Surveyor vests, traffic vests, mesh vests and reflective shirts!

3. Product Function

a.Excellent reflective performance, which can greatly improve visibility at night or under poor light conditions such as rain and fog, and can easily be discovered by passing vehicles.

b.Play a good warning

c.Wear light and comfortable

4.working principle

The reflective part of the reflective vest is made by using the lattice micromirror type regressive reflection principle of refraction and high refractive index glass microbeads, and is made through the advanced process of focusing treatment. It can reflect distant light directly back to the light, with good retroreflective performance both day and night. Especially at night, it is capable of high visibility like the daytime. Safety clothing made of this high-visibility reflective material can be easily found by night-time drivers regardless of whether the wearer is in a remote place or in the presence of light or scattered light. The emergence of reflective materials has successfully solved the nighttime driving problem of “seeing” and “being seen”.


The following is the certificate we obtained

5.Transportation method

6. About Us

Taizhou Huangyan Jinyang Industrial Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Taizhou Huangyan Zhaozheng Reflective Material Factory) was established in 2001. It gradually expands from production of reflective materials to the production of reflective products and reflective vests. We have the overall flow of reflective glass beads that produce raw materials to reflective cloths. The company passed ISO9001, reflective products through the German TUVEN471 standard and achieved international CE certification.
The company's main products are: reflective fabrics, reflective vests, reflective silk, reflective webbing, reflective lattice, reflective heat film, reflective fuse film, reflective PU leather, reflective PVC leather and related reflective products. Can be used for a variety of clothing, shoes and hats, luggage and all kinds of advertising.
“We not only provide reflective products, but also more security.” We warmly welcome all partners to join our mutually beneficial cooperation

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