High Warning Safety Vest

High Warning Safety Vest
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Reflective strip: high-intensity reflective strip
Product size: XS, S, M, XL, XXL
Product fabric: fluorescent yellow blue fluorescent fabric
Product style: export protective reflective vest high warning protection vest safety reflective clothing
Customized content: Customized styles, fabrics, colors, sizes, printed text and content!
Manufacturer: Taizhou Huangyan

Huangyan Jinyang Industrial Co., Ltd. export protective reflective vest, high warning protection vest is made of high-altitude European-style reflective strips and fluorescent fabrics. Reflective vest vest made of this high-reflective reflective material can reflect distant direct light back to light. Good retroreflective optical properties, day or night. Especially at night, you can enjoy high visibility like the daytime. Reflective garments made from this high-visibility reflective material can be easily found by night drivers, whether they are in the distance or in the presence of light or scattered light.

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Huangyan Jinyang Industrial Co., Ltd. High-quality surface materials, fine workmanship, safe and durable, clear printing pattern does not fall off, style, fabric, color, size, printing content can be customized, Shenzhen has a factory, quality delivery time controllable!
Applicable to road administration, traffic duty, building construction, construction site construction, logistics express, road construction, traffic patrol, co-management, patrol, highway administration, automobile safety, electric power, water, subway, aviation, airport, port, coal mine, petroleum petrochemical, Property) Emergency rescue, school, etc.

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JINYANG specializes in manufacturing customized high warning safety vest of high visibility and top-quality and with CE /EN20471 certification, who is one of the best high warning safety vest manufacturers and suppliers in China. We now sells high warning safety vest at a low price, welcome to wholesale cheap plastic products from our factory.