Which Countries Have Christmas

The name "Christmas" is an abbreviation for "Christian Mass." Mass is a kind of liturgy of the church. On this day, all the Christian churches in the world hold special liturgical ceremonies. But there are many Christmas celebrations and religions that are not related. Exchanging gifts and sending Christmas cards make Christmas a day of celebration.

Don't forget, there are some countries in the world that are not just Christmas. I found some information on the Internet and summarized some countries that have Christmas and Christmas, for reference only:

Which countries have Christmas:


Republic of Austria 

Kingdom of Belgium 

Republic of Bulgaria 

Republic of Belarus 

Swiss Confederation

Czech Republic 

Federal Republic of Germany

Republic of Estonia


Republic of Finland 

French Republic 

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The Republic of Greece 

Republic of Hungary 


Republic of Iceland

Republic of Italy

The Principality of Liechtenstein

Republic of Lithuania 

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 

Republic of Latvia

The Principality of Monaco

Republic of Malta 

Kingdom of the Netherlands 

Kingdom of Norway 

Republic of Poland 

Republic of Portugal


Kingdom of Sweden 


Slovak Republic 

Republic of San Marino


Federal Republic of Yugoslavia


Australian Commonwealth

Republic of Fiji

New Zealand 

Papua New Guinea Independent State

African Country of Christmas (AFRICA):

BURKINA FASO BURUNDI Benin Botswana BOTSWANA Central Africa  Congo  Cameroon Gabon  Ghana  Ethiopia (January 7  Guinea  Republic of Côte d'Ivoire  Liberia 

Madagascar  CARI  Malawi Namibia Niger

Nigeria  Seychelles Sudan  Senegal Swaziland  Chad  Togo  Tanzania  Uganda  South Africa  Zambia ( Zimbabwe 

Zaire: On 17 May 1997, after the armed forces of the ACP coalition led by Laurent Kabila captured the capital Kinshasa, they announced their inauguration and renamed the Republic of Zaire to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Countries in North America :


United States of America

Latin America 

Republic of Argentina 

Republic of Bolivia

Federal Republic of Brazil 

Republic of Chile 

Republic of Colombia

Costa Rica

Dominican Republic 



Republic of Guatemala

Republic of Honduras 


Saint Lucia

United States of America 

Republic of Nicaragua

Republic of Panama

Republic of Peru 

Republic of Paraguay

Eastern Republic of Uruguay 

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 

Republic of Venezuela

Influenced by the West, more and more people are completely attracted by the festive atmosphere, magical stories and rich forms of Christmas. Christmas is no longer just a religious festival, and the majority of non-believers are also involved. Nowadays, the people of many countries in Asia have spontaneously passed, especially young people, like Hong Kong and Singapore. The Christmas has been accepted and gradually promoted in China, and it has become a worldwide holiday.

For some countries or people with other beliefs, it is Christmas, like the Arab countries, which basically believe in Islam:

More than 20 Arab countries (Saudi, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Oman, Sudan, Somalia, Morocco, Tunisia, Qatar, Djibouti, Lebanon, Mauritania, Bahrain, etc.) country)

But the key is all about their beliefs.