US Imposes Tariffs

Recently, on behalf of more than 150 trade associations in the United States, the trade organization "tariff hurts the hinterland of the United States" issued a statement strongly opposed "adding tariffs on Chinese exports to the United States." The organization pointed out that tariffs are paid to US Customs by US importers who purchase Chinese products; tariffs only punish US farmers, businesses and consumers.

Many industry associations in the United States believe that the imposition of tariffs on Chinese exports to the United States will harm the interests of US companies and consumers, and ultimately drag on the US economy.

On the home page of the “Tariff Damage to the United States Hinterland” website, a non-profit organization that provides cribs to low-income families makes an appeal: Please stop the trade war immediately!

Judith Bannon, President of Pittsburgh Baby Cradle Organization: As a non-profit organization, we never expected (additional) tariffs to affect us. President Trump declared that China paid the United States tariffs, but I It is clear that on the bill of my (imported goods from China), the upward tariff is seen. For every 10% tariff, it means that 10% of the babies may not get the crib. President Trump, please stop the trade war immediately!

There is also an electronic display on the website of “Tariff Damage to the US Hinterland”, which calculates the losses caused by Sino-US economic and trade frictions to the US economy. As of now, the total loss has exceeded US$26 billion.

Not only the industry associations have made a collective voice, but the mainstream media in the United States have also highlighted the impact of Sino-US economic and trade frictions on the US economy.

The article titled "Today's USA" published on the website is "The trade war with China will hit you: higher prices, lost jobs and falling stock markets."

CBS’s article titled “China’s counter-measures are a heavy blow to the US stock market”.

The New York Times website uses a lot of space on the front page to focus on Sino-US trade frictions and its negative impact on US investors and financial markets.

In addition, many Americans have expressed their dissatisfaction with the tariffs on Chinese goods on social media.

Netizen "Angeti" said, "The United States has not won, and the Americans pay the tariffs. This has not counted our losses in the stock market. This is the minimum economic principle."

Netizen "Borgen Stoke" pointed out that "one of the reasons for the Great Depression in the United States in the 1930s was trade tariffs."

Netizen "Susan" said, "When American farmers' products are rotten in the warehouse, China has already found other countries to do business."