UK Establishes Longevity AI Alliance To Accelerate Healthy Longevity With AI

Netease Intelligence recently reported that people over the age of 50 are the fastest growing population group in the world, which brings both opportunities and challenges to the global economic and medical system. The longevity industry, which provides products and services to people over the age of 50, is becoming a trillion-dollar emerging industry. Currently, in the UK alone, the longevity industry includes 260 companies, 250 investors, 10 non-profit organizations and 10 research laboratories. Over the next decade, the government's longevity policy and changes in the financial industry will change society. The Aging Research Centre affiliated with King's College (Ark) has partnered with the Biology Gerontology Research Foundation, Deep Knowledge Ventures and other organizations to form the Longevity AI Alliance at King's College London. In the next few years, the Longevity AI Alliance plans to expand to include research centers in Switzerland, Israel, Singapore, and the United States. This collaborative work involves a sophisticated approach to applying advanced AI to longevity solutions, as well as developing advanced frameworks and technologies, including novel applications that provide vital data for insurance companies, pension funds, healthcare companies, and government agencies. These new technologies and tools are at the forefront of the emerging longevity financial industry, providing examples of practical applications for preventive medicine and precision health. (Source: Netease Intelligence)