This Small 3D Printed Home, Big Villas Can Not Match It

This is a 3D printed house called Designed and built by Ukrainian engineer Maxim Herbut, it is 20% less energy efficient than traditional homes, and is rugged and durable. The super-insulated structure allows solar panels and backup batteries to power the entire house, so the house can be built anywhere without having to consider the grid. In addition, the room is equipped with a smart home system that allows remote control of lighting and other devices via a tablet and mobile phone. It also comes with an automatic curtain system, a sensor switch wall cabinet door, an automatic locking system entry door, an automatic coffee machine and an automatic induction sink. It has a wash basin and a toilet, as well as a separate massage shower room. At present, there are three types of rooms. The 37-square-meter home is called mOne, which costs about 200,000 US dollars. There is also a 74-square-meter called mTwo. It is a two-bedroom, one-room room type, priced at about 380,000 US dollars. Also a luxury room called mFour, with an area of about 150 square meters, has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and sells for about $1 million. (Source: Create a new public account)