The World's Largest Telescope Is About To Be Completed: Costing Tens Of Billions Of Dollars Or Will Uncover The Secret Of The Birth Of The Universe

Recently, according to foreign media reports, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) released the assembly video of the James Weber telescope. The main mirror body is docked with the instrument base. The docking is located in Northrop Grumman, California, USA. The military production plant was completed. The James Webb Astronomical Telescope is the new generation of astronomical telescopes after the Hubble telescope. It is also the largest astronomical telescope in the world. The optical telescope is only 6.5 meters in diameter. The docking main body is an optical telescope composed of 18 main mirrors and a comprehensive scientific instrument base. Unlike the Hubble telescope, which runs around the Earth's orbit, the telescope will enter the 150-kilometer deep space on the back side of the Earth. The telescope was originally scheduled to take off in 2014, but due to budget and other reasons, the plan has been postponed until 2021, and the current project cost has reached about 10 billion US dollars. The latest plan for the telescope will be launched in March 2021. Next, the R&D team will install a sunshade-sized sun visor for the lens, which will keep the device at a temperature of minus 220 degrees to avoid damage from infrared radiation in space.