The US Government Imposes New Sanctions On Cuba. Cuba Approves Inhumanity

The US government recently imposed new sanctions on Cuba, which condemned the US for "inhumanity." The US Department of Commerce issued a statement announcing additional sanctions, including the suspension of the existing license to lease aircraft to Cuban state-owned air transport companies, and will not approve applications for taxis to the above companies in the future. In addition, the Ministry of Commerce said that more third-country goods containing US-made ingredients will be included in the sanctions list for Cuba; further tightening of export restrictions on Cuba. This year, the US government introduced a number of restrictions on Cuba, including prohibiting people from going to Cuba for the purpose of humanities education. They no longer allow people to travel to Cuba by cruise or private jet, and tighten the transfer of Cuban-Americans to Cuba. limit. Moreover, the US government tried to limit economic and trade exchanges between third countries and Cuba in May. Tourism is the second largest source of foreign exchange earnings in Cuba. Cuban Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero said in July that due to US sanctions, Cuba is expected to receive 4.3 million foreign tourists in 2019, a decrease of about 10% from last year. After being elected as the highest national leader of Cuba on the 10th, Dias-Carnell said that in the face of the continued blockade and sanctions imposed by the US government, Cuba will become more united and will become more determined. (Source: Xinhua News Agency)