The United States Owes More Than $1 Billion In United Nations Dues

According to the news network reported on October 13 foreign media said that the United Nations is experiencing the most serious financial crisis in the past decade, the cumulative arrears of membership has reached 1.385 billion US dollars (1 US dollar is about 7.1 yuan), of which the United States has the most arrears. According to the report of the United Nations on October 11, the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Finance Affairs, Chandra Mully Ramanathan, said: "There are 65 Member States in arrears, the total amount is this figure ($1.385 billion). Seven countries accounted for 97% of the total, they are the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Iran, Israel and Venezuela. The report said that the main reason for the financial problems faced by the United Nations is that many Member States did not pay their dues on time or in full. As of October 7, there are still more than 60 countries in arrears. As the United Nations' first conference fee, the United States is committed to a 22% budget. Ramanathan said that the United States "was arrears of $674 million in current annual contributions and defaulted on $381 million in previous years." Ramanathan warned that the UN budget deficit "has appeared earlier and longer and lasts longer and more."