The Mob Hit The Hong Kong Liaison Office And Defiled The National Emblem.

Reference News Network reported on July 22 Hong Kong media said that some radical demonstrators hit the Hong Kong Liaison Office building on the afternoon of the 21st and defaced the national emblem. The Liaison Office and the Hong Kong SAR Government strongly condemned this.

According to the Hong Kong "News" website reported on July 21, after the 21st parade reached the end, some people continued to move in the direction of Central, and arrived at the Liaison Office, hitting the Liaison Office and deface the National Emblem, the Hong Kong SAR Government Strongly condemned this.

A spokesman for the Hong Kong SAR Government said that the Liaison Office is one of the Hong Kong-based agencies established by the Central Government in Hong Kong and has a constitutional function. The SAR Government strongly condemned the demonstrators’ malicious encirclement and impact on the Liaison Office building and smeared the national emblem to openly challenge the national sovereignty. The SAR Government will seriously deal with it and pursue it according to law.

The Hong Kong SAR Government has always respected the citizens' demands for peaceful expression. However, a series of incidents have occurred recently, including repeated demonstrations after the peaceful march, attacks on the police line of defense, encircling the police headquarters, and blocking roads. The police also found that people illegally stored dangerous goods and a large number of offensive weapons. The SAR Government is worried that a small number of activists will instigate the masses, challenge the law and discipline, and even attack the central government agencies in Hong Kong. This will pose a threat to the SAR's law and order and "one country, two systems". The society will never accept it.

According to a report on the Hong Kong "News" website on July 21, the Liaison Office issued a statement expressing severe condemnation of some radical demonstrators who blocked the China United Office and defiled the national emblem.

The person in charge of the Liaison Office said that after the parade on the 21st reached the end, some radical demonstrators blocked the Liaison Office, destroyed facilities, defaced the national emblem, and sprayed insulting national and ethnic words. These acts have completely exceeded the peaceful demonstrations. The scope not only violates the Basic Law and local laws of Hong Kong, but also seriously challenges the bottom line of "one country, two systems" and seriously challenges the central authority. It expresses the strongest indignation and condemnation, and strongly supports the SAR Government and the police to severely punish illegal violence and maintain Hong Kong's social stability.

The person in charge stressed that the central government stationed in Hong Kong strictly performs its duties in Hong Kong in strict accordance with the Constitution, the Basic Law and the Central Authorities, and cannot be challenged. He called on all citizens of Hong Kong society to recognize the violent harm and essence of a very small number of militants, and resolutely safeguard "one country, two systems" and uphold the rule of law.

In addition, according to the Hong Kong "Ming Pao" website reported on July 21, the vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, former Chief Executive Liang Zhenying expressed severe condemnation of the actions of some radicals. Liang Zhenying said on the Facebook website: "Severely condemn the mob who smeared the United Nations Embassy, these scums will be severely punished by law and cast aside by history."

According to the Hong Kong "News" website reported on July 21, the New Democratic Party said that for the day at dusk, a large number of demonstrators ignored the police instructions, did not disperse after the parade, and shocked the Liaison Office, throwing black paint to the national emblem. The New Democratic Party has severely condemned the acts of bombing, throwing eggs and smearing the main entrance and wall.

The New Democracy Party emphasizes that the above-mentioned acts trample on the national dignity, violate the national constitution and the Basic Law, ignore the "one country, two systems", and have the "Hong Kong independence" color, which is not acceptable to the society.

According to a report on the Hong Kong "News" website on July 21, the DAB strongly condemned the radical insults of the national act by the militants, demanding that the police immediately take necessary and decisive actions to stop it, seriously pursue criminal responsibility, and bring these illegal elements to justice. To be lawful.

The DAB said that it is a serious violation of the law to humiliate the country and defame the country, causing criminal damage and openly challenging the Central People's Government.

The DAB pointed out that some people even ignored the law and rumors themselves announced the establishment of an illegal provisional legislature. All these acts fully demonstrate that these radicals incite and humiliate the national nation in an attempt to combat and undermine "one country, two systems" and undermine Hong Kong society.