The Japanese Government Has Decided To Suspend The Entry Of All Foreigners

According to a report by the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) on the afternoon of January 13, the Japanese government has officially decided that it will suspend entry of all foreigners until February 7. February 7 is also the day when Japan is expected to lift the state of emergency. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga will announce this decision tonight (13th). noticed that more than one Japanese media revealed on January 5 that the Japanese government is considering a complete suspension of entry of all foreigners, but this decision has not been announced for a long time. During the period from the 5th to the present, the Japanese metropolitan area has entered a state of emergency, and the epidemic data has repeatedly set records. The Japanese government suspended the entry of foreigners on December 28 last year, but business professionals, international students, and technical interns from 11 countries and regions where the epidemic is well controlled, including China and South Korea, can enter Japan under certain circumstances. The new policy means that Japan effectively bans all foreigners from entering. NHK reported today that since all countries have confirmed the detection of cases of mutated new coronavirus, the government has decided to stop dealings with business people in these 11 countries. Therefore, "except for specific matters", foreigners will be fully restricted from entering the country. "Specific matters"—According to NHK's interpretation, it refers to things such as "funerals and childbirths of relatives". (Source: Observer Network/Reporter Ju Feng)