The G7 Summit Will Be Held In France

According to the European Network, the European Union News Agency reported that the G7 summit will be held in France. The focus of the summit is that after the United States and Britain leaders met for the first time, the United States and Britain leaders will pay more attention to the United States and Europe’s trade wrestling with smoke. It is likely that the consensus is greater than the consensus.

According to reports, the G7 summit will be held in Biarritz, a city in southwestern France from the 24th to the 26th. The group includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. The EU will also attend.

According to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the theme of the summit is to combat inequality, including the promotion of equality between men and women, equal access to education and access to quality medical services. In addition, the G7 will also consult on issues such as the global economy, peace and security, combating terrorism, education, health, the environment and climate change.

Although the G7 advocates global welfare issues, the summit is also a complex international relationship. Trump’s fierce speech in the G7 has often become the focus of the media.

However, this year Trump may have an ally, Boris Johnson who just took over as Prime Minister of the UK. Trump praised Johnson many times. Recently, he also made a special tweet to express his hope to meet with Johnson at the summit. This is the first time that Johnson with the title of "UK Trump" appeared on the international diplomatic stage. Two people will arouse What kind of sparks are receiving attention.

In addition, Trump held high the "US priority" policy to trigger global trade friction. In 2018, the G7 ended in chaos. This year's summit trade is also rich in smoke.

Trade disputes between Europe and the United States have intensified. France has passed the Digital Tax Act in July, which will tax 3% of large technology companies with revenues of more than 25 million euros in France and global revenues of more than 750 million euros, including Google and Apple. US companies such as Facebook and Amazon may be subject to taxation. Once implemented, the US will impose tariff retaliates on imported French wines.

In addition, Trump has long believed that the US-European trade is unfair, threatening to impose a 25% punitive tariff on European imported vehicles. During the G7 summit, US and European leaders will have the opportunity to discuss further, and Trump may make a decision at any time. Once the confrontation is embarked, it is not good news for Germany, which is slowing down the economy. The vast auto parts industry in Europe will also be affected.

Europe is also accelerating a new round of trade war that the US may launch. EU Executive Secretary for Trade Affairs, Marcellilla Mamstrom, said in July that if the United States imposes tariffs on EU cars, the EU is also ready to US goods worth 35 billion euros are subject to additional tariffs.

Some media reports said that under the huge gap between the member countries on trade and other issues, the forthcoming G7 summit may not issue a joint communique. This may be the first time that the G7 has not been published since the summit began in 1975. Joint communique.