The Bolivian Fire Has Caused The Destruction Of 1.5 Million Hectares Of Forest

As of the 19th local time, a fire in northern Bolivia has caused the destruction of about 1.5 million hectares of forest. The Bolivian government has issued requests for assistance to neighboring countries, Brazil and Argentina.

According to statistics, so far, the fire has reached 25,000 fire points. In some areas, the fire is fierce and the flame height exceeds 50 meters. The smoke caused by the fire has caused flights to the four provinces of the country to be grounded, and the lives of the residents of the capital La Paz have also been affected. The most affected province of Santa Cruz has declared a state of emergency.

On the 19th, Bolivian President Morales admitted that Bolivia does not have the equipment to save such a huge fire, so it needs the support of Brazil and Argentina. Bolivia’s Deputy Minister of the Environment, Beserra, also said on the same day that this is undoubtedly a disaster for environmental protection. He hopes that rescuers from other countries will arrive as soon as possible to control the fire.

The local Indians and peasants’ burning of forests were thought to be the cause of the fire, and the current dry and windy weather in Bolivia caused the fire to spread rapidly.