The 6.9-magnitude Earthquake In The Banten Sea Area Of Indonesia Has Killed 5 People

Indonesian Disaster Relief Agency official Agus Wibowo announced in Jakarta on the 3rd that a 6.9-magnitude earthquake in the southern part of Banten province on the evening of the 2nd had killed five people and injured four people. There were 223 houses damaged to varying degrees in the earthquake and more than 10 public facilities were damaged.

Local time, August 3, 2019, in Banten, Indonesia, the earthquake caused damage to local houses.

Argus said that most of the people who had escaped from the tsunami in the earthquake zone had returned to their homes, and the victims who suffered serious damage to the houses were temporarily placed on relatives and were resettled.

According to the website of the Indonesian Meteorological, Climate and Geophysical Bureau, at the local time on the 2nd at 19:03 (20:03 Beijing time), a 7.4-magnitude earthquake occurred in the waters of Banten Province in the southwest of Java Island, Indonesia, with a focal depth of 10 kilometers. The authorities once issued a tsunami warning, and people in the coastal areas affected by the earthquake have evacuated to the heights to escape.

After about two and a half hours, the tsunami warning was lifted. The earthquake level was also revised to 6.9 and the focal depth was 48 km.