Tape Storage, Cutting And Foil Method

1. store
Reflective film should be stored in well-ventilated and dry, temperature 18-24 ℃, relative humidity 30–50 percent of the fee. Case flat on the pallet or the pad may not be directly; the stacked layers of no more than 5 floors. Reflective film after the purchase, required after use in a year.
2. trim
Open or trim work environment: reflective film should be at a temperature of 25 ± 3 ℃, relative humidity in an environment of 30–50 percent for 24 hours or more, jobs can be carried out. To ensure that the workplace and work tools clean.
3. the foil method
Substrate selection: recommendation posted by correctly handling the clean, flat aluminum or stainless steel plate. Not recommended directly attached to the plastic, rubber, wood and other surfaces of the substrate. If you need to put in a non-aluminum or stainless steel plate substrates, ask users to decide for themselves the application of reflective film adaptation.
Substrate processing: factory-fresh aluminum, stainless steel plate, its surface is very smooth, not conducive to the paste, need to use sandpaper to arc-shaped the direction of Polish, 400-500. Before pasting, must be performed with a degreasing solvent scrub, rinse, and dry.