Taboos For Gift Giving In Various Countries


Can not give people a gift, can not send wine, sculpture and women's pictures, because they think that wine is the source of all evil.


Generally, send a gift that is not expensive but has a commemorative meaning. Remember not to send a lily, because it means death, and the person who receives the gift must open the gift in public.


Send gifts to be singular, and pay attention to packaging, think snails and horseshoes are mascots.


Send flowers, do not send chrysanthemums, azaleas and yellow flowers, do not send gifts with cranes, do not send walnuts, because they think that cranes are stupid signs, and walnuts are unlucky.

Hong Kong dweller

Can not send clocks, blankets, white and red flowers, which means unlucky, the number of gifts can not be 4, and 8, 6, 9 is the best.


Send flowers to the singular, use bread and salt to entertain guests, express friendship and respect, and most taboo to send money to others, which means charity and insult.


Visiting relatives and friends, and attending a banquet will bring gifts. Use your hands when picking up or giving gifts, and you can't open gifts in person. When you see the gift giver again, you should mention the gift and thank you. Don't send a comb, and don't give a gift with a fox or a skull pattern, because the sound of the comb is similar to death. In addition, chrysanthemum is generally a royal flower, so most people can not send chrysanthemums.