Super Typhoon Haibeisi

According to the latest typhoon data in the afternoon, the strength level of “Haibeisi” is still as high as that of the 17-level super typhoon. The maximum wind speed near the center is 58 meters per second, which is about 209 km/h. The center pressure is 925hPa, and the wind is still strong. Invincible, the coordinates of the center of the typhoon are at 24.4 degrees north latitude and 139.4 degrees east longitude, just in the south of Tokyo, Japan.

According to the general number of typhoon roads, this position should have been weakened for a long time, but the typhoon "Haibeisi" is indeed rare. It is generated from No. 6 and No. 7 is enhanced to a super typhoon. At the super typhoon level, it has been completely Strong for 72 hours, not at all kidneys, do not know how long it will last?

In addition, the real path of the typhoon "Haibeisi" is still being adjusted. From last night to this morning, it suddenly changed from the northwest direction to Tokyo, Japan, which is facing north, and pushed continuously northward, showing the push. In the middle of the highlands, straight to the rhythm of Tokyo crystal, if you go on like this, although the distance is near, the speed is fast, but it will soon enter the cold water area, I am afraid that I have not yet arrived in Tokyo, I will first weaken the buff, and lose the soldiers.

Fortunately, this afternoon, "Habeisi" timely suppressed his crazy thoughts, began to slowly westward, that is, slightly offset from the direction of our country, insisting on continuing to follow the curved curve, so although it looks far, but although it looks far, In fact, it is more conducive to absorbing the ocean energy in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean and preserving the strength. When it comes to landing, it will be concentrated.

According to the current typhoon path, moving speed and distance, the time when Haibeisi landed in Japan is expected to be between the night of the 12th and the early morning of the 13th, so stay tuned.