Stop One Hour Before Launch! India’s “Moon Ship II” Is Postponed

As an important part of India's strategic goal of "space power", the "Moonboat II" lunar exploration program, which will softly land on the lunar surface, has already been mentioned by the Indians: the plan was first proposed in 2007. At that time, the Indians planned to send "Yueshu No. 2" to the moon in 2011, but after many delays, the GSLV.MK3 rocket used in the project was erected on the launch pad in mid-July 2019.

However, this "Moon Ship No. 2" is not a round of India's dream of "soft landing to the fourth country after the United States, Russia, and China" - due to the "fatal failure" of the GSLV.MK3 rocket fuel tank, the whole The plan was forced to "stop" one hour before the launch.

Specifically, one hour before launch, when the field workers were pouring cryogenic liquid oxygen/liquid hydrogen fuel into the third stage of the GSLV.MK3 launch vehicle, the technician of the Indian Space Research Institute (ISRO) discovered the rocket. The fuel tank pressure at the first level is declining and there is a suspected fuel leak.

What is more serious than a simple fuel tank leak is that Indians simply cannot find the cause of the fuel tank leak. In view of this, the launch mission of "Yueshu No. 2" can only be suspended. All the fuels that have been injected into the fuel tank will be taken out, and the rocket will be thoroughly tested. This process will be at least time consuming. Ten days.

From the point of view of the success or failure of this "Monthly Ship No. 2" mission, the Indian Space Development Organization "stopped" the rocket launch at the last minute, indeed it is a good thing worthy of the Indians "rejoicing": the failure of the Indian GSLV series rocket The rate is still high, and it is not uncommon for the "volley explosion" with satellite payloads.

If the Indians really want to push the "Moon Ship II" to launch today, if the GSLV.MK3 carrier rocket carrying the "Moon Ship II" is really flying in the air, then the face of the whole Indians is really not. Resting.

Of course, this is not the first time before the long journey of "Moon Ship No. 2". The exact rocket accident is the seventh extension of the entire "Yueshu No. 2" plan. After several years. Waiting, it seems that the launch of "Moonboat II" has been delayed for a few more months and it has become acceptable.

However, unlike the previous single extension, the "Yue Ship No. 2" detector has been unveiled and loaded on the rocket, and has been well known by the Indian media. This means that the time left for the Indian space research organization to "fishing" is not much: if the failure of the GSLV.MK3 rocket cannot be ruled out in the next month, the pressure in India will inevitably make the Indian space research organization unable to stand up. .

On the other hand, the "Yueshu No. 2" detector, and even the GSLV.MK3 carrier rocket carrying it, is really just a tool for the Indians to "face the face": "Moonboat II" is the most critical lunar surface soft The landing step was actually completed by the Russian "OEM". Except for this step, "Yueshu No. 2" and India's first launch of "Yue Ship No. 1" are not essentially different. The only difference is the replacement of the launch quality. Larger, more dangerous carrier rockets.

All in all, from the perspective of the rocket and the detector itself, the "Yueshu No. 2" lunar plan has a very strong "face project" trace, and everything is just about to complete the "moon surface soft landing" goal, research and research. The margin required for safety is hardly considered.

It is precisely because of this that the Indians can also find a low-level fault of fuel leakage from the rocket launching platform one hour before the GSLV.MK3 rocket that the "Moon II" probe is about to launch... and this is not a Warning, if India still has to resolutely take the "face first" space development road up and down, then such accidents and hidden dangers will continue to flow in the future.

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