Shanghai Intertextile In September

"China International Textile Fabrics, Home Textiles and Accessories Expo" (interTEXTILE) was founded in 1995. The origin of the concept of the Expo and its market positioning are based on two aspects: First, the demand for new and high-grade fabrics in the development of China's garment industry and the face of clothing The requirements of the auxiliary industry level are further improved and upgraded; the second is the booming of China's home textiles, especially the decorative textile market and the broad development prospects of its industry.

In order to promote the development of China's textile industry and the prosperity of the textile market, and to enhance the international trade and economic and technological exchanges and cooperation between the textile industry, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the Textile Industry Branch of Germany decided to cooperate in the international trade of textile fabrics and home textiles in China. Expo. The exhibit categories of the Expo are mainly divided into three categories: one is clothing fabrics and accessories; the second is all kinds of interior decorative fabrics; the third is home textiles.

We are going to attend Shanghai interTEXTILE from Sept. 27th to 29th, 2018. Welcome to visit our booth 6.2H K48.

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