Shanghai InterTEXTILE

"China International Textile Fabrics, Home Textiles and Accessories Expo" (interTEXTILE) was founded in 1995, (Spring and Summer Exhibition) every year in March, (Autumn and Winter Exhibition) is held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center every year in October! The origin and market of the concept of the Expo In two aspects: First, the demand for new and high-grade fabrics in China's garment industry and the requirements for further improvement and upgrading of the clothing and accessories industry; second, the booming of China's home textiles, especially the decorative textile market and its industry Broad prospects for development.

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Exhibit category:

A. All kinds of textile fabrics - cotton, hemp, silk / imitation silk, wool / wool, chemical fiber, knitting, functional fabrics, lace embroidery, printed fabrics, etc.;

B. All kinds of clothing accessories - lining, zipper, cable, signage, buttons, hangers, etc.;

C. All kinds of auxiliary equipment - computer aided design, textile testing, etc.;

D. Various media publications - design / image, professional publications, e-commerce, etc.

The more mature interTEXTILE will continue to strengthen trade relations between China and the textile industry in the world, and expand international exchanges and cooperation between industries.

To promote the development of China's textile industry and market prosperity.

We are going to attend Shanghai interTEXTILE from Mar. 12th to Mar. 14th, 2019. Welcome to join us.