Scope Of Application Of Reflective Film Which

The scope of
Mainly used in highway and urban road traffic signs, safety signs, construction signs and advertising signs.
Storage considerations
Please store in a well-ventilated, dry, cool the storehouse. Container directly on the ground, it should be placed on a tray or plate, not more than 5 layers laminated; storage period should not exceed one year.
Crop considerations
1. before use, check box labels, check the type, specification and compatibility of color, if inconsistent, do not open the box, then contact with me.
2. operating environment: at a temperature of 18~28℃ (KE3100, KE5100, 8~30℃), relative humidity of 30~60% environment for 24 hours or more (foil and conserve the same), and ensure that workplaces and tools clean.