Saudi Oil Base Exploded

According to the Russian "Tass Agency" reported on September 14, the world's largest oil and gas company - Saudi Aramco production base suddenly exploded a large area, a large number of oil tanks were ignited. It is reported that the fire accident caused by the explosion is most likely caused by an attack by armed elements. In response to the attack on the production base of the national oil company, the Saudi authorities have not yet made any positive response, and have not released relevant information on the casualties and property losses in the sudden attack.

According to local witnesses, after the explosion at the oil base of Aramco, there were fierce gunshots at the scene of the explosion. Saudi military experts said that the attack was launched by the armed forces of Hossein in Yemen. The Houthi militants used 10 drones to launch a sudden attack on Aramco’s oil base, which eventually led to a large fire in the oil base. After the attack on the country’s largest oil company, the Saudi high-level officials quickly requested the US military to provide support. After the incident, US military officials said that with the support of the US military, the Saudi military repelled the attack of the Houthi armed drones 17 times. During the interception process, the US military successfully used the air defense weapons to shoot down multiple Hudu armed drones.

The Russian expert analysis said that in recent years, the Hussein armed forces and the Saudi coalition forces gradually took the initiative and launched several attacks on important facilities in Saudi Arabia. At the same time, the Saudi military did not have a good way to stop the other side from attacking. The Hussein armed forces dispatched a large number of drones to launch attacks on Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian military equipped with the Patriot air defense missile system did not notice it at all. It was hard to sigh that the combat effectiveness of the Saudi army was truly worrying. At the same time, it is also important that Saudi Arabia pays heavily for the purchase of American weapons, but it is better to pay the "protection fee" for the US military. The advanced weapons exported by the United States to Saudi Arabia have long been seriously matched. These "monkey version" weapons are also the cause of the low combat effectiveness of the Saudi army.

As is known to all, the Saudi military has previously disregarded the condemnation of many countries and dispatched troops to intervene in Yemen. This caused strong dissatisfaction with the forces of the Hossein in Yemen. The Houthi armed forces did not fear the well-equipped Saudi coalition forces. Through years of tenacious fighting, the Houthi armed forces will fight against the Saudi coalition forces. The festival retreated and controlled most of Yemen. In the case of successive losses, the UAE chose the active coalition organization, leaving only the Saudi army to support it. However, Saudi Arabia still has not recognized the situation. It has repeatedly supported the United States and launched sanctions against Iran. The behind-the-scenes supporters of the Houthi armed forces are Iran. Therefore, Saudi Arabia will naturally be retaliated by the Iranian side.