Russian Crash

On the afternoon of May 5th, Moscow time, the Russian International Airlines passenger plane (SSJ-100) from Moscow to Murmansk returned to Moscow Sheremetyevo airport due to a breakdown. It caught fire during an emergency landing, killing 41 people and not having Chinese citizens on the plane. 

According to the Russian satellite network, the plane took off at 17:50 Moscow time and landed 28 minutes after the emergency. Due to the bad weather, the plane landed successfully on the second landing. Passenger Dmitry H. Hebrewskin said that the plane caught fire after landing for the second time.

"The fire broke out after the second fall of the plane when the plane landed," he said.

It is reported that there are 73 passengers and 5 crew members on the plane. Svetlana Peterenko, spokesman of the Russian Investigation Commission, said that according to the latest situation, 41 of the 78 people were killed.

Three of the six hospitalizations after the accident were serious. Russian Health Minister Veronica Kaskovzova said: "The six wounded were hospitalized, four of them at the Vishnevsky Surgery Center. Three of the six wounded were seriously injured."

She said that patients suspected of having a myocardial infarction had not been diagnosed and had an episode of angina.

She stressed: "Overall, we hope that all the injured are expected to be okay. The most serious woman is undergoing artificial ventilation in the center of the Vishnevsky Center."