Regarding China's Economy, Global Growth, And World Trade, The New IMF President Said

Georgyeva is from Bulgaria. In October this year, he became the first president of an emerging market economy since the establishment of the IMF in 1944, and the second woman to run the IMF after his predecessor, Lagarde. Recently, she visited China for the first time as the president of the IMF. Georgieva said that while the current global economic growth rate is expected to drop to a 10-year low, China's economic growth rate has declined, but it is still Within the target interval. China's economy has always been an important driver of global growth, and its contribution to world economic growth is about one-third. Therefore, the stability and health of China's economy is very important to the world. We believe that China's economy will gradually transform from a manufacturing-oriented growth model to a consumer and service-driven growth. Georgyeva said that trade tensions had a negative impact on the economy, and uncertainty was the "biggest enemy" of corporate investment. Resolving differences through "constructive consultations" is very important and will help restore confidence. The international trading system urgently needs reform to better reflect current economic realities and be more inclusive. Only in this way can the trade driving global economic growth be fully developed and the driving force not idled