Reflective Vest Good Inverse Reflective Optical Properties

Reflective Vest is the use of reflective material inlay vest made from the main parts of the night or bad weather for personal safety supplies, in the outdoor work can better protect staff. Why is reflective vest reflective? What is the principle applied? Henan Xinhai Science and technology to give you a detailed introduction. Reflective vest in the reflective part is the use of crystal lattice micro-ling to produce refraction and high refractive index of the glass beads back to reflect the principle, through the focus of the advanced processing technology made. It can reflect the distant direct light back to the luminous place, whether in the daytime or the night have good inverse reflection optical properties. Especially at night, it can play as high as daytime visibility. So, as long as the reflective vest's lattice reflective bar quality is good, whether the wearer is in the remote place, or in the light or scattered light interference, can be more easily found by night motorists.

However, outdoor workers such as traffic police, sanitation, road personnel wear reflective vest every day, reflective vest will be like other clothes dirty, but how to clean it?

The little part tells you the cleaning tips:

The neutral detergent dissolved in cold water, will dry reflective vest into the soak for 20-30 minutes, and then rub with the hand, the neckline cuffs of a heavy stain can be used soft brush brush. After washing can not be used dryer dehydration, hanging in a cool place shade.

Reflective Vest Cleaning Precautions:

1. If the LED light-emitting reflective vest, must be cleaned before the line, switch box, 4 LED lights removed.

2. Can be cold water soft wash, natural dry can, can not wring dry or dry cleaning.

3. Try not to rub, the surface of the words with a wet towel to wipe the good.

4. Reflective material can only be cleaned with neutral cleaning, must not use corrosive substances, such as disinfection powder, also can not use detergent soap and other alkaline washing supplies.

5. Reflective vest is different from other clothes, do not recommend regular cleaning, as far as possible to reduce the number of cleaning.

Reflective vests are made with reflective (fluorescent) materials. Reflective vests can be a warning costume in all kinds of light conditions. It is generally made up of color-striking substrates (fluorescent) materials and reflective reflectors (reflective materials). Reflective material is the use of glass or prism-type materials, so that the incident light along the original path directed back.

Reflective vests are made of high visibility reflective materials that enable traffic policemen or policemen to go on duty at night or in special weather conditions, thereby reducing unnecessary casualties. In the production of human life, especially in traffic engineering plays a special role in security. This reflective vest is widely used in shipbuilding industry, steel industry, machinery industry, oil industry, ambulance, parking, airport, traffic police and outdoor work or construction, is a good warning supplies. It can also reduce the probability of the wearer's accident to a large extent.