Reflective Vest Good Effect, Wear, Long Service Life

Reflective vest is made of high-visibility reflective material, reflective vest is based on the principle of light reflection, which highlights the light, so that the driver can be found in advance, pay attention to the front of the object, to the driver full response time, take the appropriate Safe disposal measures. It can make traffic police, road officials, road maintenance personnel, motorists and bicycle drivers in the night or special weather conditions on duty or work, thereby reducing unnecessary casualties. Reflective vest is about the safety of the user, so the purchase must be serious. What kind of reflective vest? How can we distinguish what is the quality of the vest? Listen to Henan Xinhai science and technology Xiaobian to explain to you.

The main types of polyester reflective vest, polyester fluorescent reflective vest, polyester bright reflective vest, polyester PVC lattice reflective vest, polyester Knitted reflective vest, polyester woven vest, all-polyester fluorescent mesh lattice vest, all-polyester fluorescent mesh highlight vest, all-polyester fluorescent mesh highlights police vest, full polyester fluorescent bird vest and so on.

First of all, a vest of the luminous effect will directly affect the user's personal safety, and even life safe. So good reflective vest to use a good reflective material.

Reflective materials such as reflective tape, lattice belt, reflective paint, etc., through the seam, hot, printed on the outer side of the service made of the way. Henan Xinhai technology produced by the reflective vest, reflective material with reflective effect is good, wear, long life of high quality materials, washing will not affect the use of reflective vest effect. Night or light when the reflective effect can be good to protect the wearer's peace.

Second, the reflective vest must ensure that the wearer comfortable.

The breathability of the fabric and the comfort of the dress can further detect the quality of the vest. A company in charge of the company will choose good quality raw materials. Such as mesh fabric reflective vest Henan Xinhai technology on the use of high-quality deformation is not easy to wrinkle fine mesh design, permeability, and comfortable to wear. Another vest has a magic sticky to adjust the size.

Third, style and workmanship

Zipper design, functional pocket design, edge design and craftsmanship These details reflect the quality of the product everywhere. Henan Xinhai technology design vest focus on fine and practical, for the night staff to provide practical and beautiful products is our responsibility. Zipper, magic sticky and other small parts are used in good quality, can be used repeatedly.

Also suggested that we must purchase a number of manufacturers to purchase samples of the comparison, to determine how the quality of large quantities after the order. Because the purchase of the wrong vest not only a waste of funds will cause peace risks. Please "life first" in the name of the purchase of qualified reflective vest.