Reflective Vest Can Improve Their Own Security

Reflective Vest as a safety functional product

Reflective Vest as a safety functional products have been widely used in transportation, sanitation, public security and other special industries outdoor staff work at night equipment. When the person who wears and carries the reflective material works or walks at night, the function of the return reflection can cause the driver to find the target at a distance and avoid the accident. For ordinary people have different degrees of night activities of the time, so in its clothing, shoes and hats, bags, rain gear, etc. plus Reflective Vest, can improve their own safety. Reflective Vest to improve the degree of security to its reflective strength, the higher the intensity of reflection, eye-catching effect is better, the driver found the distance away from the target.

Reflective materials are widely used in construction, traffic police, traffic coordinators, sanitation workers, logistics courier, volunteer workers, highway railway officers, road construction workers occupational safety uniforms, played an excellent protective effect. Due to the popularity and consumption of reflective materials, the United States in the past decade, the number of car accidents at night fell by 40%. In the European and American countries of the various provisions or publicity have stressed the use of reflective materials, such as rain, fog, snow, night and other line of sight to distinguish the ability of the environment, the elderly, children go out, must wear or wear reflective material with a sign or clothing The 

Reflective materials market with the increase in demand and continue to expand, has now deep into our lives and production, is applied in many ways. Which includes our transportation facilities, transportation clothing, while our daily clothing is also an important area. Shoes and hats, handbags, gloves, backpacks, raincoats and so can be made of reflective material. The life of the reflective material is closely related to the proper maintenance path, and we have the necessary skills.

First, if the product is exposed to the product surface by hand, then the product is exposed for several weeks in a high temperature and high humidity environment (temperature> 26.7 ° C (80 ° F), relative humidity> 70%), the aluminum structure will Be contaminated. These contaminants do not affect product performance. Vision Reflective Material -9920 Silver Industrial Washing Reflective Vest can not be used for fabrics treated with dyes containing sulfur compounds. Exposure to the sulfur-containing dye or in the environment will darken the retroreflective material and affect the retroreflective properties.

Second, the Reflective Vest can be washed home, can also be dry cleaning. If bleaching is required, use non-chlorine bleach. Exceptional, 3M Vision Reflective Material - 8906 Silver Reflective Vest can not be dry cleaned and can not be used without chlorine bleach. Clothing maintenance label recommendations need to consider the clothing fabric and clothing components such as reflective material requirements.

Finally, the industrial washing method of the reflective material mainly includes the use of large laundry equipment (usually> 25kg loading) and strong detergents (pH 10.5-12) and higher temperatures (up to 85 ° C, 185 ° F) In a relatively short period of time to wash large quantities of clothes. Clothing finishing (drum drying or tunnel drying) will reduce the life of clothing, should be regarded as part of the washing process.

The actual life of the reflective material depends on the washing method and the wearing conditions. In view of the above proposed method we need strict implementation. The pace of market expansion is still accelerating, we will continue to meet difficulties.