Reflective Strip Works Too Well, There Are Those Threats

Second, wearing sunglasses:
In the glare of the morning or evening, Sun shines on driving for a long time, eye discomfort, if prone to various eye diseases, so glare should wear sunglasses to protect our eyes. When choosing sunglasses we must purchase at regular business and preferred quality assured brand because of faulty sunglasses not only protect your eyes, but will bring about more damage.
Third, do not place the windshield decals, reflective hanging reflective items
Many vehicles travel community, departments and units or enclosed area, will be placed in front of the windshield all kinds of vehicle. These decals is usually bright glossy photographic paper made by appearance plastic plastic pressed into, normally may not sense, but the sun shines on driving these cars card will have a different level of reflective, interfere with the driver's line of sight, there are some safety concerns. In the summer, the reflective pendants can also cause strong reflections, causing discomfort. Xiao bian recommended this pendant placed in rear glass, both beautiful and safe guaranteed!