Reflective Material Scope Of Application Areas In Which

Reflective clothing, hats, bags used on different from the regular textile fabric, it is in the form of strips, characters, and decorative patterns. Although its products are far less common use of textile fabrics, but it can still make the night can see distance, greatly improves the safety of products, and because the potential user base is huge, has a very substantial market demand.
Reflective material outstanding visual performance in addition to being outside the safety warning, at present, more and more domestic and foreign famous sport and leisure brands used on clothing, hats, bags, in order to achieve the purpose of enhancing aesthetics, highlighting product personality. At present, domestic and foreign well-known brand of reflective material is found in figure, like NIKE, ADIDAS, REEBOK, and CAMEL, Li Ning, Witt, Conway, etc. Application of reflective material has been gradually into people's daily lives, for the trip ensured the security of all.