Reflective Garment Accessories With Retroreflective

To ensure the safety of employees at night, especially at night to work on the way to the safety of employees, at the same time, for the need for night duty company logistics staff each person ordered a reflective vest to alert the vehicle to ensure the safety of employees.

Reflective powder is the production of reflective cloth, reflective film, reflective paint, reflective signs, advertising materials, clothing materials, standard track, shoes and hats, school bags,Reflective Garment Accessories land and sea life-saving supplies and other new optical composite materials, the core of raw materials, it has a retroreflective And has a strong return to the reflection effect, no external power supply, can be widely used in roads, ports, mines, fire and other fields, as a safety sign, greatly improving the user's safety and reliability.

Reflective powder for the high refractive glass beads, according to the refractive index can be divided into ND ≥ 1.90, ND ≥ 1.93, ND ≥ 2.2, can also be based on product specificity, improve or reduce the refractive index,Reflective Garment Accessories product specifications from 100 mesh -500 mesh Can be graded. According to the color can be divided into white and silver gray two.

Reflective material products using high refractive index glass beads after the semi-surface aluminum as a retroreflector, with a strong reverse retroreflective performance,Reflective Garment Accessories can be 85% of the light directly reflected back to the light source, the reflection of the reflection caused by the brightness, So that drivers and night-time operators with light sources clearly see pedestrian and obstacle targets at night or in poor visibility to ensure the safety of both parties.