Reflective Garment Accessories Maximize The Effect Of Reflective

Reflective Garment Accessories application range is very wide, many roads and railways are equipped with Reflective Garment Accessoriess, the effect is better, greatly eliminating the security risks. Reflective film logo was originally used only in the more important areas because of price reasons. With the development of technology and fierce competition, the price of Reflective Garment Accessoriess gradually decreased, and now many places are installed reflective film logo.

Reflective Garment Accessories production is more difficult than the production of ordinary logo, usually the application of engineering grade reflective film production logo, it is necessary to consider the reflective film solvent resistance, ink drying time, printing pattern after the reflective effect and so on.

First, the choice of ink: select the ordinary color ink printing patterns, produced by the reflective logo reflective effect is poor, because the ink contains inorganic pigments, with opaque, although colorful, but covered the reflective effect; Reflective ink printing, produced a better reflective effect of the pattern, all aspects of performance to meet the requirements, but because the amount of reflective ink is less, the need for more color, and sometimes need to deploy color, you need to buy a variety of reflective ink Reserves, resulting in a backlog of funds, and the cost is higher. The use of self-made reflective ink method can be prepared according to the amount, will not cause a lot of residual ink phenomenon, and the price will be lower than the purchase of ink.

Second, the reflective film logo label production: first to carry out the preparation of reflective ink, choose a good transparency of the ink, will not reduce the reflective effect, and easy to color. At the same time the ink should be self-drying or low-temperature drying, drying time to be controlled below 30mm, so that the reflective film is the solvent bite the bottom; dye to choose a transparent organic dye, so that the reflective film to maximize the reflective effect, the organic transparent dye The first deployment of the mother liquor, solvent can choose xylene, the concentration according to the manufacturer's instructions to choose.

According to the requirements of customers with the choice of color with the deployment of good mother liquor will be added to the transparent ink, add the amount to be a small test to determine, so as to avoid waste. Ink viscosity should be appropriate, generally lower than the printing of other hard logo ink viscosity, in order to avoid sticky version, but the viscosity can not be too small will cause paste paste phenomenon, can not achieve high precision pattern printing requirements. Reflective film printing and general substrate is not related to the printing can be dry or dry at low temperature.