Reflective Garment Accessories Features With Retro Reflective Reflection

The designer uses sparkling material to pursue a high-profile reflective effect, from clothing to Accessories can not escape the luster of the "clutches", coated leather with a mirror-like surface refraction color shimmer and create a rainbow effect, retro-sense and scientific and technological sense of the combination, for this season inject more fun and color.

Reflective powder is the production of reflective cloth, reflective film, reflective paint, reflective signs, advertising materials, apparel materials, standard track runway, shoes, hats, schoolbags, air and air supplies, such as the core of new optical functional composite materials,Reflective Garment Accessories it has the characteristics of retro-reflective, and thus a strong regression reflection effect, no need to external power supply, Can be widely used in roads, ports, mines, fire and other fields, as a safety sign, greatly improving the safety and reliability of users.

Reflective powder for high refraction glass beads, according to the refractive index can be divided into nd≥1.90, nd≥1.93, nd≥2.23 Kinds, can also be based on product specificity, improve or reduce the refractive index, product specifications from 100 mesh-500 mesh can be graded to provide. According to the color can be divided into white and silver gray two kinds.

Reflective material products using high refractive index glass beads after the semi surface aluminum as a backward reflector, with a strong reverse reflective performance,Reflective Garment Accessories can be 85% of the light directly reflected back to the light source, the return of reflection caused by the reflective brightness, To enable drivers and light source night workers to clearly see pedestrian and obstacle targets at night or in poor view to ensure safety of both parties

Reflective detail is a very important design element in the design of running apparel. The original design is to improve the safety of running at night to prevent traffic accidents. However, reflective materials, reflective printing technology, such as continuous improvement, reflective details not only functional, but also has a decorative, beautiful role, has become a running clothing important DNA.

Reflective materials are based on the principle of micro-prism reflection. With the principle of light reflection (diffuse reflection and specular reflection), the surface of the fabric is mixed with high refractive index glass beads. When a beam of light shines in a certain range at any angle to the front surface of the micro bead, the reflective layer reflects the light in the direction of the incident light,Reflective Garment Accessories which is reflected in the reflection layer, as the high refraction of the beads is concentrated on the reflective layers on the surface of the micro bead. When many glass beads are reflected at the same time, there is a bright scene ahead.

Experiments show that when the refractive index of glass beads is close to 1.9, the incident light can be well focused on the back surface of glass beads, when the return reflection effect is best, when the refractive index is less than or greater than 1.9, the incident charge line is focused on the outside and inside of the glass, then the effect of the return reflection will be reduced. The effect of objective conditions in practical use. The refractive index of glass beads is usually between 1.9 and 2.1, and its diameter is usually less than 0.8 mm. If you add a layer of reflective layer behind the glass beads, the effect of the return reflex is better.

Usually the reflection is mainly used in the back, so that the rear vehicle can notice, but in recent years of design, for aesthetic reasons, a lot of reflective details are used to the predecessor, sleeves and other places, even inside pockets.

The fabric itself is reflective material,Reflective Garment Accessories or in the fabric woven into reflective fiber, the advantages of reflective effect is good, usually 100-300 meters have a good reflective effect, and after a certain number of washing after the reflective effect is still able to maintain good. The disadvantage is reflective material is not breathable,Reflective Garment Accessories need to be through other breathable fabric splicing or laser punching process to make up. and mixed with reflective yarn fabric feel will be hard.