Reflective Foil And Maintenance Considerations

1. base materials selection: recommend using clean, smooth aluminum or stainless steel plate. Rather than directly attached to the plastic, rubber, wood, and fiberglass surfaces. Due to the reflective film with some anti-adhesives, unsaturated polyester, plastic plasticizer, grease and other substances does not bond well, so to put it in plastic prior to assessing the reliability of its use.
2. substrate polishing, cleaning: factory-fresh aluminum, stainless steel plate, its surface is very smooth, not conducive to bonding required 400~500 number sandpaper to ensure adhesion. Before pasting, degreasing solvents must be used carefully scrub and rinse.
3. substrate surface cleanliness testing: watering in the substrate surface of the paste, if they form a homogeneous water film, you can judge for cleanliness of qualified, if they do not form a homogeneous water film and when scattered drops, judging the cleanliness is not eligible.
4. drying: Rinse and clean after inspection, subject to the drying process.