Reflective Fabric With Wide Angle And Anti-aging

Reflective fabric in many kinds of clothing have been used, such as uniforms, Siamese overalls and protective clothing and other clothing used in a very wide range. Reflective fabric can be far away from direct light reflected back to the light, both in the day and still use the function in the evening are very good. Reflective fabric factory clothes can be very simple to be found by the night drivers, enough to ensure the safety of the operating personnel.

Reflective fabric has an excellent reflective effect, but also has wide angle and anti-aging, wear resistance, washability and other functions.

Some people may ask: reflective fabrics are special fabrics, cleaning is not very complicated? In fact, reflective fabric with a uniform cleaning method, the use of ordinary washing or dry cleaning, will not lead to fabric off, and the reflex is not affected by long-term repeated washing. Both can use dry cleaning method for cleaning, but also to wash, clean and convenient, factory service dirty, the wearing staff can at home from a clean. Clean back, not easy to fall, a long time to repeat the cleaning will not affect its reflective effect.

In addition, the biggest advantage of reflective material is that it can make the light and reflective material surface to form a wide angle of the incident, to maintain an excellent reflective effect, so it has wide angle, which is widely used because it is the reason. Its wide range of applications, in addition to uniforms, daily life in the rain gear, raincoats, mountain climbing, gloves or shoes and other major areas. Professional work clothes to join the reflective material, the focus is to use the principle of reflective, to ensure that the night or poor view of the scene is effectively seen, so that the staff of the personal safety of the most basic protection.

Said in the custom work clothes with reflective fabric, or reflective material, in order to better ensure that the staff wear uniforms have a high visibility, such as sanitation staff to help clear the traffic on-site command of traffic police officers, fire officers and other risk factors Higher working environment, but also need to avoid the impact of scattered light interference, more to ensure that the driver found and timely avoidance, in order to protect the lives of workers to protect the role of life. Listen to Xiao Bian said so much, I believe we should be more or less reflective fabric understanding, right? In fact, in addition to protective effect of reflective material, but also play a beautiful effect!

Reflective fabric embroidery fabric reflective reflective material supply

Packing: 100 m / roll

Features: Reflective reflective cloth is attached to the cloth with millions of high refractive index of micro-glass beads exposed reflective material, with a good feel and washable, water resistance.

Application: Widely used in casual wear, Zhiye Zhuang, students uniforms, signs clothing, safety clothing, reflective clothing, travel shoes, luggage, raincoats, trademarks, reflective products, life-saving clothing and other daily life. It is a reflective safety supplies, but also a fashion decoration supplies.