Reflective Fabric Used In Traffic Safety Equipment

Reflective fabric The reactive polyurethane hot melt is an isocyanate group prepolymer synthesized from a polyester or polyether polyol with a diisocyanate. At room temperature for the solid, the use of heating and melting on the surface of the material and the air, the surface of the sticky material or sticky material containing active hydrogen and other substances, react with it to form urea bond and partial cross-linking curing its initial adhesive strength High, can be quickly positioned, but also through the post-curing reaction, the system part of the cross-linking, the adhesive layer strength, heat resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance than traditional hot melt adhesive stronger, both hot melt adhesives and reaction Type hot melt adhesive advantages [1 ~ 6]:

· Does not contain any organic solvent, solid mass fraction of 100%, with environmental performance;

· Moisture curing, no drying process, curing speed, simple operation;

Excellent initial strength, hot melt, but also has a cross-linking curing function, the final bond strength is higher;

· Excellent heat resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, durability and so on;

· Single-component type, easy to industrial automation, mechanized operation, improve the production efficiency;

Therefore, reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive is widely used in the automotive industry, footwear industry, textile industry, wood industry, electronics industry and book binding industry.

Reflective fabric is the high refractive index glass beads,Reflective fabric aluminum powder coating or coating process used in the cloth base surface, making the ordinary fabric in the light irradiation, to reflect the light, is a used in traffic safety equipment, Film, protective clothing, uniforms uniform and other people's lives and property security is closely related to high-tech products. At present,Reflective fabric the coating of the reflective coating is mainly used in oil, with the environmental requirements, coating process using environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive is a big trend.

In this study, polyether, polyester polyol, isocyanate and other raw materials for the reaction, when the NCO base content reaches the set value, adding isocyanate groups do not react with the thermoplastic resin and antioxidants, catalysts, fillers and other additives. When used,Reflective fabric it is heated and melted to the surface of the material, and the moisture in the air or the trace moisture in the bonded substrate and other active hydrogen-containing compounds react with the NCO groups in the hot melt to expand the chain to form a cross- Shaped polymer, play a bonding effect, with a simple, environmentally friendly and so on, to meet the reflective fabric with adhesive requirements.