Reflective Fabric The Protection Of People To Play A Great Protection

Reflective Fabric are increasingly used by many traffic safety industries. The so-called Reflective Fabric are designed to allow people who can operate at night to make their vehicles easy to be identified and to protect people's safety. The Reflective Fabric uses high refractive index glass beads for the retroreflective principle, which is processed by concentrating the advanced technology. You can reflect the distant light back to the light. The following sub-radial clothing Xiaobian together with you to understand the characteristics of this Reflective Fabric.

Reflective Fabric, reflective brightness performance is excellent, such as silver-gray reflective intensity typical reflective strength 500CPL white fluorescent yellow reflective plastic film typical planting 700CPL night or in the low visibility environment to provide the most effective and most reliable personal safety.

Reflective Fabrics and the use of a variety of other products, equipped with reflective cloth, reflective heat paste, reflective word paste film, reflective tape, reflective plastic film, reflective ink, reflective silk, reflective film and international marine life safety products and Other products and user friendly.

Reflective Fabric, with good resistance to aging, wear and washability. Washing machine can easily fall off, continuous washing or dry cleaning, you can still maintain more than 75% of the original reflective effect.

Reflective Fabric reflective effect is not only superior to other brands of similar products, and has a wide angle, is a large angle of light with the surface of the Reflective Fabric event, you can still get a good reflective effect.

Reflective Fabrics can be used in different industries, different work clothes, a very wide range of applications, can be flexibly changed, apply to different parts of the overalls.

Reflective Fabrics are used in a wide range of applications such as safety vests and straps, work clothes, jackets, rain gear, raincoats, sportswear, backpacks, gloves, shoes, hats and the like, as well as cut characters or screen markings and designs.

1. detergent selection: remember not to use detergent and other alkaline detergent detergent, it is best to use a neutral washing solution, if not judge the nature of the solution, you can use the bath or shampoo instead (these are generally neutral) The

2. Washing method: the neutral detergent dissolved in cold water, the dry anti-reflective clothing into the soak for 20-30 minutes, and then hand rub, the collar cuffs stains can be more heavy with the first solution with the collar pretreatment , After soaking can be soft brush brush or soft cloth or the like to clean up, or it may cause harm to the clothes themselves. After washing can not be used to dry the machine dehydration, hanging in the shade dry place.

3. You can cold water soft wash, you can dry naturally, can not be dry and can not dry cleaning.

4. Do not put too much of the new fabric pressure.