Reflective Fabric Provide The Most Effective And Reliable Personal Security In The Environment

Reflective fabric is a high refractive index glass beads, aluminum powder, such as coating or laminating process on the surface of the cloth, so that ordinary fabrics under the illumination of light, can reflect light, is a kind of application in traffic safety equipment, stickers, protective clothing, workwear uniforms and other human life and property related to the safety of High-tech products. At present, reflective fabric coating adhesive mainly using oil, with the requirements of environmental protection, coating process using environmentally friendly hot melts is a trend.

Reflective fabrics have been used in many kinds of garments, such as uniforms, Siamese overalls and protective clothing. Reflective fabrics can reflect distant direct light back to the glow, whether in the daytime or at night the use of functions is very good. Reflective fabric can be easily found by night motorists, enough to ensure the safety of the life of the workers.

Reflective fabric with excellent reflective effect, but also has wide-angle and anti-aging, wear resistance, washing resistance and other functions.

Some people may ask: reflective fabric belongs to a special fabric, cleaning is not very complex? In fact, with reflective fabric cleaning method is simple, the use of ordinary washing or dry cleaning, will not cause the fabric to fall off, and reflective of the long-term washing effect is not affected. Not only can choose dry cleaning method to clean, but also can wash, clean is very convenient, the factory clothes dirty, the wearer can be at home from a clean. Clean back, not easy to fall, long time repeated cleaning will not affect its reflective effect.

Reflective overalls are increasingly being used by a lot of traffic safety industry, so-called reflective overalls are so that people who work at night can make vehicles easy to identify and protect people from safety. This reflective material uses a high refractive index of the glass beads of the back-reflection principle, through the centralized processing of advanced technology. Can reflect the distant direct light back to the glow

Reflective material, reflective brightness performance is excellent, such as silver-gray reflective strength typical reflective strength 500CPL white fluorescent yellow reflective plastic film planting 700CPL at night or in a low visibility environment to provide the most effective, most reliable personal safety.

Reflective material reflective effect is not only superior to other brands of similar products, and has a wide angle, is a large angle of light and surface reflective material events, can still get a good reflective effect.