Reflective Fabric Environmental Requirements

Reflective fabric is the high refractive index glass beads, aluminum powder coating or coating process used in the cloth base surface, making the ordinary fabric in the light irradiation, to reflect the light, is a used in traffic safety equipment, Film, protective clothing, uniforms and other people's lives and property closely related to high-tech products. At present, reflective coating of the main use of oil, with the environmental requirements, coating process using environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive is a big trend.

How to clean and maintain it? The

 1. detergent selection: remember not to use detergent and other alkaline washing detergent, it is best to use a neutral washing solution, if not judge the nature of the solution,Reflective Fabric  you can use the bath or shampoo instead (these are generally neutral) The

2. Washing method: the neutral detergent dissolved in cold water, the dry reflective clothing into the soak for 20-30 minutes, and then hand rub, the collar cuffs stains heavier can be used first with the collar solution for pretreatment , After soaking can be used soft brush brush or soft cloth and the like to clean up,Reflective Fabric  or it may cause damage to the clothes themselves. After washing can not be used to dry the machine dehydration, hanging in the shade dry.

3. You can cold water soft wash, you can dry naturally, can not be wringed dry can not dry.

4. Do not put too much of the new fabric pressure.

Want to understand the work clothes on the reflective material can play what role, we must first understand what is the application of the application of reflective material? What are the characteristics of reflective material?

Workwear commonly used reflective material has a variety of brightness color reflective fabric, reflective cloth, fluorescent strip, pvc reflective lattice belt, etc. These are reflective work clothes commonly used reflective material.

Reflectivity: Reflective brightness of reflective fabrics is excellent, such as reflective properties of the silver-gray series of products is typical of 500CPL white and fluorescent yellow reflective film reflective strength is typically planted as 700CPL,Reflective Fabric  in the night or poor view of the environment to provide the most effective, The most reliable personal security.

Reflective material It can reflect the distant light back to the light, both in the day or night have a good retroreflective optical performance. Especially at night, can play the same as the day of high visibility. It appears to solve the "see" and "see" this night driving problem,Reflective Fabric  the use of this high-intensity reflective fabric made of winter uniforms, whether the wearer is in the distance, or in the light or scattered light Interference in the case, can be relatively easy to be found by the night driver. So a variety of reflective materials in the uniforms play a security warning and the protection of the lives of staff safety!