Ramadan Is About To End, And The Foreign Trade Business That Has Been Silent For A Month Has Begun To Recover.

Anyone who has done foreign trade knows that the annual solar calendar in May is a foreign Muslim holy month, just like the Chinese New Year. More than one billion Muslims in the world have passed Ramadan.

The same is the Spring Festival, the Muslim Spring Festival is very different from the Chinese New Year.

China's Spring Festival can be casually eaten casually and casually, you can enjoy yourself. You can go to relatives to celebrate the New Year, you can play mahjong entertainment through playing cards all night. Can travel abroad, domestic tours, local tours.

Muslim Ramadan is different. The annual Muslim holy month is one month. Ramadan in 2019 from May 6th to June 5th.

In Ramadan, in addition to sick people, travelers, infants, pregnant women, nursing women, maternity, combat soldiers, adult Muslims must strictly fast, do not eat or drink, do not smoke, do not have sex, even water can not drink. It was not until the sun sank that people began to eat and began to visit friends and relatives to start entertainment.

Therefore, the annual solar calendar in May is the worst month for foreign trade companies, and they will not place orders this month. Some Muslims in China, this month, usually do not go out at the hotel during the day, only go out at night.

As long as they are foreign trade companies, they will inevitably have business dealings with them. When they passed Ramadan, the foreign trade company immediately had no business.

The Muslim holy month is about to pass, and the next June will be when the foreign trade company's business is hot. Just like after the Spring Festival in China, all supermarket chain stores and franchise stores have to purchase a large number of goods in order to prepare customers for purchase.