Oktoberfest Crazy Electric Scooter? Munich City Issued A Restraining Order

Since the beginning of this summer, there has been a crowd of electric scooters on the streets of German cities. At the same time, accidents have occurred due to problems such as drunk riding. To this end, the Oktoberfest issued an electric scooter restraining order.

Drinking beer, chic and smashing? Those who dream of playing an electric scooter at one of the world's most famous beer festivals may be disappointed. On Tuesday (September 11th), the city of Munich announced a series of restrictions on electric scooters during this year's Oktoberfest.

At Theresienwiese, the venue for the Oktoberfest, bicycles will be banned and parked in large areas. The surrounding area will also impose restrictions on the rental and parking of the vehicle. From 5 pm to 6 am on the following day, electric scooters are not allowed to be rented within 1 km of the festival venue.

All five companies operating electric scooter leasing in Munich have agreed to take all vehicles from the restricted area as soon as possible. Munich officials explained that the purpose of the ban was to prevent accidents, especially for those who enjoyed a drink.

"Many people think that electric scooters are a toy, they often ride when they are drunk," city official Thomas Böhle said in a statement. Not only do drunk riders play, but the electric scooter itself may also pose risks to other pedestrians and Oktoberfest visitors.

“In order to avoid accidents and reduce temptations, the city government, the police and the car rental company have reached an agreement to keep the electric scooters away from the Oktoberfest,” Burr said.

Since the electric scooter was approved for use in the streets of Germany this summer, electric scooters have been very popular on the one hand, and accidents have been frequent and controversial.