Nian Huo

For the ordinary people, the new year is a good meal to eat a meal; the new year is a new clothes that have been tried for a long time and finally bought the hand; the new year is the red and green fruit candy in the pocket of the child; the new year is the small grandmother who has been reluctant to buy Felt hat.

In the era of material consumption, good food can be eaten at any time. The clothes have long been covered with cabinets. Too many children eat sugar and start to be afraid of tooth decay. The new year does not know what to buy.

Food sales have risen sharply, but they have not caught up with the increase in clothing; clothing sales are firm, but not as popular as digital products; sales of digital products are booming, car sales are catching up; cars can be regarded as big new year, but others think that moving new houses over the years - Even traditional Chinese food such as food and clothing has become somewhat unconventional. The new year food that people buy back is no longer a big fish, but an increase of Danish blue cans cookies and American pistachios. New clothes are not expected. After a year, I chose the set that I decided to buy a dozen times. It was the Tang suit that looked good. It was only worn during the year.

The market goods are extremely rich, the concept of new year goods becomes difficult to define, and the new year is becoming a ritual, which makes people feel the year coming in the busy joy, and conveys the warmth and tenderness in the trivial but warm ceremony. New year goods have also become a good mood for self-improvement after the release of consumption impulses. The new year's goods reflect the spiritual pleasure after the material life is well-off.

Some people say that the taste of the year is getting weaker. Perhaps, he means that you can't see the steaming of the pigs and slaughtering sheep at home; you can't see the ecstasy of buying a home for a year.

The taste of the year is actually omnipresent, in the sale of Tang suits that are only a few days a year but extremely hot; in the excitement of the beauty salons; in the long-term sales of large-screen color TVs in the appliance stores; The steering wheel, with the plan of the whole family to play; in the joy of buying new year goods for people. In the expectation of the New Year, the year has come quietly.

Nian Huo