New DNA Technology Corrects 89% Of Genetic Defects

According to a recent study published in the journal Nature by researchers at the Broad Institute, they have developed a new DNA tool that is expected to repair about 89% of known human pathogenic mutations. According to the report, the research developed a new precision editing tool, the Prime Editor, which can effectively realize the free conversion of all 12 single bases without relying on DNA templates, and can effectively achieve multi-alkali Accurate insertion and deletion of the base (maximum insertion of 44 bases, or deletion of 80 bases). The researchers pointed out that the technology can accurately insert or delete DNA fragments, precisely modifying a specific "letter" in the 3 billion human genetic code. Scientists liken the technique to a "word processor", just like pressing Ctrl-F to find the text bit to change, then pressing Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to copy the new text. David R. Liu, the leader of the study, said: "This technology can in principle repair 89% of the 75,000 known pathogenic human genetic variations." The technology opens the door to a new era of genome editing, but scientists say more research is needed before it can be used in humans. (Source: Fast Technology)