More Than 80 Singaporean Companies Will Appear In The Second Session Of The Expo

Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, October 14th The reporter learned from the Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry that 84 Singaporean companies will collectively "group" to the second China International Import Expo. In addition to focusing on China's sinking market to find opportunities, these companies will also actively seek suitable Chinese partners to jointly develop Southeast Asia and even the global market. The Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry introduced in Shanghai that Singapore exhibitors will appear in the form of “groups” in the service trade, food and agricultural products science and technology life exhibition area, with a total area of 1,600 square meters, an increase of 12% over last year. Singapore-based companies from the logistics, transportation, finance, education, health, food and technology industries will bring "net red" products with local characteristics such as salted egg croaker and Nyonya food. During the first session of the Expo, Singapore companies had a strong willingness to exhibit and a significant revenue effect. Only in the commercial docking activities, the two companies signed a cooperation memorandum of understanding with a total value of over S$152 million. This year, more Singapore. Enterprises will go to China to showcase their innovative products and services and seek to expand their network of cooperation in China and around the world," said Zhang Songsheng, chairman of the Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry.