Maduro: Venezuela Hopes To Achieve 4G Network Coverage With The Help Of Company Technologies Such As Huawei

According to the Russian satellite news agency on the 24th, Venezuelan President Maduro said on the 23rd that Venezuela hopes to establish its own 4G communication system with the help of Chinese and Russian technologies including Huawei.

According to the Spanish Effie News Agency reported on May 24, Maduro said Venezuela will strive to develop communication technology. On the 23rd military event in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, Maduro said, "I have ordered immediate investment, (with the help of Chinese technology, Huawei's technology, ZTE's technology and the technology of all Chinese and Russian companies, Help us improve the level of the entire communication system, (in Venezuela) to achieve 4G system coverage."

The Russian satellite news agency reported that in December 2018, Maduro visited Russia and the two sides reached an agreement on the "Glonas" (satellite) system covering Venezuela.