Luminous Material Into Spontaneous And Light-storing Two

Human use of luminescent material, and has quite a long history, such as on the side of the watch, made with a luminous dial. Luminous material into spontaneous fluorescence and light-storing two. Basic components of self-luminous phosphorescent materials for radioactive materials, do not need to absorb energy from the outside, sustainable light not only night, daytime, too. Because radioactive material, so that when we use is limited by large, abandoned after the deal is also a big problem. Light-storing luminous rarely contain radioactive substances, without restrictions of use, but they have to rely on absorbing external light to glow, and sufficient light energy in order to ensure a continuous glow. Other defects of light-storing luminous material is enough brightness. For example, have been using zinc sulphide as the afterglow phosphor, but emitting time is too short, brightness is not enough. Addition of RI Kui 147, glow effect is ideal, but it does not meet the requirements of environmental protection.