London, UK: People Gather To Protest Against New Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, the prime minister of the British Conservative Party, has long claimed that if he succeeds in the election, whether or not he reaches an agreement, he will let the UK leave the EU on October 31. In response, some British people were extremely dissatisfied. On the 20th, local time, thousands of people who opposed the Brexit took to the streets of London to protest against Johnson.

The British protest against the people: My hope is that Johnson will not be the prime minister and will not continue to leave the European Union. This is my wish.

Britain protests to the people: Brexit should not happen, although Brexit is going on now, but this is not good for Britain, and we will stay stronger in Europe.

The protesters held the flag of the European Union and wore clothes made of the EU flag to participate in the parade. More and more people marched. They sang songs and shouted slogans to the Parliament Square in the city center. The protesters not only expressed dissatisfaction with Johnson’s “no agreement” to leave the European Union, but also strongly demanded a “second referendum”. After a lapse of three and a half years, the British people voted again to decide whether to leave the EU. As a popular candidate for the next prime minister of the United Kingdom, Boris has repeatedly stated that the United Kingdom is ready to do a "no agreement to leave the European Union." On July 23, next Tuesday, the results of the British Conservative Party’s party vote will be released. Judging from the current support rate, Johnson is very likely to be elected with an overwhelming advantage. As Johnson is very likely to win the election, the British people feel that the possibility of "no agreement to leave the EU" is growing.

The British protest against the people: I think Boris is very dangerous. I don't believe those people who oppose him only to protest today. Compared with those who support him as the prime minister, the number is really too small.

Worried that "no agreement" to leave the EU is not just for the British people. The lower house of the British Parliament voted on the 18th of this month to pass an amendment to prevent the next prime minister of the United Kingdom from adopting a moratorium on parliament and failing to reach a new EU with the EU. In the case of the “Brexit” agreement, “no agreement to leave the EU” was forced.

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