Kyoto Animation Fire Extinguished After 20 Hours Of Burning

A fire broke out in the morning of the 18th morning at the Kyoto Animation (Kyoani) studio in Kyoto, Japan. The Kyoto City Fire Department said that after nearly 20 hours of fire, that is, around 6:20 am local time on the 19th, the fire was finally extinguished. The Kyoto police and fire department began an on-site investigation from 9:20 am.

According to media reports such as the Asahi Shimbun and NHK News, the fire occurred at about 10:30 am on the 18th local time. At that time, many nearby residents heard a loud explosion. When I went out, I saw a black smoke on the sides of the building in the "Kyoto Animation" studio. Someone escaped from the building and the whole body clothes were burnt. The scene was chaotic. The fire has killed at least 33 people, the largest number of arson cases since the Heisei era.

The 41-year-old male arson suspect has been arrested on the spot by the police. The man sprinkled gasoline on the first floor of the building, then set fire to the igniter and shouted "go to death", and the police then controlled it. The man admitted that "the igniter was used" and also said that "(Jiang Ani) plagiarized." Currently, the man is being treated in hospital for severe burns. The police said that the site also found hoes and a few kitchen knives, as well as portable barrels that were thought to be used to carry gasoline, probably estimated to be held by the man.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe issued a statement on Twitter after the incident: "Today (18th) there was a murder and arson in Kyoto, causing many deaths and injuries, too painful, almost indescribable. Pray for the victims and bless the wounded to recover soon ""

The "Kyoto Animation" studio building has 3 floors and an area of about 700 square meters. It is completely burned from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor. According to Japanese media, the animation animation company "Kyoto Animation" was established in 1981. It has nearly 160 employees and has produced many well-known animations such as "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" and "Light Girl".

Kyoto animation fire