Japan ’s April Exports Fell By More Than 20%, And Imports From China Increased By 11.7%

China-Singapore Jingwei client, May 21, according to Kyodo News, the Ministry of Finance of Japan released trade statistics on 21st (initial value, subject to customs clearance), showing that exports in April decreased by 21.9% year-on-year to 5.2023 trillion yen ( (Approximately RMB 342.6 billion), the largest decline after October 2009. It is reported that Japan's exports to major regions such as North America, Europe and Asia have declined overall. Although domestic and foreign economic activities have shown signs of recovery, it may take time to return to the level before the epidemic. The impact of the epidemic may continue in the long term after May. Specifically, Japan ’s exports to the United States decreased by 37.8% to 879.8 billion yen, and automobile and aircraft engine parts and components decreased. Exports to the EU decreased by 28.0% to 483.5 billion yen, of which auto parts for Germany and the Netherlands declined. In addition, exports to Asia decreased by 11.4% to 3.1297 trillion yen. Among them, exports to China decreased by 4.1% to 1.1822 trillion yen. Organic compounds such as chemical raw materials and automobile parts declined, while electronic parts such as semiconductors increased. On the other hand, Japanese imports from the world decreased by 7.2% to 6.1327 trillion yen. Crude oil imports from Saudi Arabia decreased due to falling crude oil prices. Imports from China increased by 11.7% to 1.7348 trillion yen, showing signs of recovery. Imports of textile yarns and fiber products have increased significantly, while computers and mobile phones have also increased. The trade balance of exports minus imports was a deficit of 930.4 billion yen, the first deficit in three months. (Source: Sino-Singapore latitude and longitude)