Indonesia‘s Planning Moving Capital

According to Reuters, Indonesian President Zoco announced on the afternoon of 26th that the new capital is located in the eastern Kalimantan province of Borneo Island, across the North Penajam Paser and Kutai Kartanegara areas. .

Zoco said that resettling the capital about 1400 kilometers from Jakarta would help to develop the economy outside the country's most populous island of Java.

According to reports, due to the traffic congestion in the Jakarta region, the pollution level is relatively serious. Zoko showed an urgency in the promotion of the capital relocation plan.

President Zoco told reporters in Jakarta on Monday that the new administrative headquarters will be built between North Penajem Pasir and Kutai Caltanigara in East Kalimantan. The Indonesian president officially proposed to the National Assembly on the 16th that the capital will be moved out of the densely populated and polluted Jakarta. The new capital will be located in Kalimantan, but the specific location is not disclosed. The media earlier speculated that the new administrative capital of Zorco is the Bukit Soeharto or Samboja in East Kalimantan.

Indonesia’s National Development Planning Minister Ban Bang said recently that the new capital must be a port city extending in all directions. The Indonesian capital is estimated to cost US$33 billion, including the construction of a new government office building and a house for 1.5 million civil servants.