Horton Does Not Take Photos With Sun Yang. Bogut Satirizes Sun Yang: I Should Take The Hammer And Poke The Podium.

On July 21st, in the Gwangju Swimming World Championships, Sun Yang won the 400-meter freestyle event and created the first record of the first 400-meter freestyle in the history of the 400-meter freestyle.

However, the Australian runner-up Horton, who refused to participate in the award, refused to accept the award with Sun Yang.

Horton not only made this unreasonable behavior himself, but even encouraged the Italian player Detti, who won the third place, to refuse to take a photo with himself. However, Detty refused decisively.

Unexpectedly, Horton was not reconciled after refusing the photo, and continued to smash Sun Yang in front of the media: I just didn't want to stand on the podium with the person doing the kind of thing.

In this regard, Sun Yang’s response is even more general:

"He wants to influence my play on the track through such a move, but I do what I should do. You can have opinions on me, but the award is very sacred, you have thousands of unwilling, but you stand on When you are on the podium, you have to respect China."

"You can not respect me, but you must respect China!"

"I know that many people don't like me, but my gold medals are the best fight for them."

Just yesterday, after Sun Yang’s 200m swimming and thrilling championship, the ugly scene was reappeared on the awards stage! British Scott, who won the bronze medal, refused to take photos with Sun Yang and the runner-up.

Sun Yang was extremely dissatisfied with this move. After the award, he immediately shouted at Scott: "You loser! I’m win!"

However, not long after, the Australian NBA player Bogut made a suspicious ridicule of Sun Yang on social media. The swimmer who said that he competed with Sun Yang for the medal should take the hammer and smash the podium...

Earlier, Horton refused to accept the award, and Australian football star Ryan Fitzgerald also made a similar statement on the Internet. He wrote: "Is Sun Yang a hammer in his hand?" The keywords "Sun Yang" and "Hammer", these people are very obvious!

The biggest controversy surrounding Sun Yang is that he has collided with the stimulant inspector who conducted the flight check, when his security staff smashed the sealed blood sample bottle with a hammer. Therefore, Bogut’s statement on the Internet is likely to ridicule Sun Yang’s behavior at the time.

In fact, after Sun Yang’s clarification, the three people who came to test at that time had illegal operations, and the blood inspectors and urine inspectors could not provide proof of anti-doping prosecutors. Sun Yang’s refusal to cooperate was also excusable.

In addition to this special case, Sun Yang has always cooperated with doping control, and the FINA has repeatedly certified: Sun Yang did not have the phenomenon of taking stimulants. Instead, Horton’s Australian national team, several swimmers have been escaping stimulant checks several times over the years.

In September of this year, a hearing will be held on this matter. At that time, I hope that the truth can hit people who are smashing Sun Yang at will!